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Who am I?

Hi, I’m David. I’m an avid foodie, born into a world of food. It’s surrounded me for as long as I can remember. From a young age I spent countless hours in the kitchen with my family who molded me into the food addict I am today. I never understood why other kids wanted peanut butter sandwiches, when they could be eating the Maltese version: hobz biz zejt (crusty white bread rubbed with garlic and topped with a generous smear of tomato paste and olive oil). It was what I wanted on my first day at school, but mum suggested I might have trouble making friends.

As I got older, I developed a curiosity for cooking and loved helping mum in the kitchen at any opportunity. It wasn’t long before my auntie (a highly acclaimed chef) began opening my eyes to the technical and creative side to cooking. I spent my spare time helping her out with catering jobs and she would teach me all she knew about food during our private cooking lessons together. Here’s when I established a love for baking.

It is a combination of these events and opportunities that have created the immense appreciation for good food I now have today. After all, life’s too short to eat a bad meal. It’s the motto I live by.


What is this blog about?

Although I didn’t know it at the time, the seeds of this blog were planted a few years ago when my girlfriend’s dad Nik began to tell me about his love for bagels. Being a well-travelled bagel lover, he has sampled some of the worlds best bagels and I was instantly intrigued. I had tried store bought bagels before, and didn’t understand why Nik was so obsessed. I obviously hadn’t discovered the real thing; in fact the real thing is extremely hard to find in Australia (especially in my home town of Adelaide).

This conversation lead to my first attempt at baking bagels, which I must admit was much more involved than I had first anticipated. Boiling dough? What on earth for? Now I know why and in my opinion this detail is what makes the bagel so damn good. The verdict from Nik was, “They’re as good as the best I’ve had”. I think he was just being nice after all the effort I had put in, but for me this was definitely “Love at First Bagel”.

I became somewhat obsessed with improving my baking skills, making them for friends and family at every opportunity. I even sold them to a café for a little while. This all came to a halt when I embarked on an open-ended holiday with my girlfriend Jana. Our first port of call was Turkey and little did I know bagels exist there too. Sure they’re a little different, but it’s still delicious ring of doughy goodness! They popped up again in Greece and then again in Macedonia… Just when I thought my bagel adventure had come to a halt it was back on, hotter than ever. I’ve now dedicated my travels to food, more specifically to the search for the world’s best bagel and the experiences and lessons (food and travel related) learnt along the way.

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