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Welcome to Camp Kitchen!

So far, we have been on the road for 8 months and we plan on many more before we are ready to come home (the bagel mission is yet to begin!). As you can imagine, we are trying to stretch our budget as far as it will go (excluding momentary lapses for important cultural activities such as scuba diving in the Caribbean and fine dining experiences in Latin America’s top restaurants). We have made good use of our awesome Hilleberg Nammatj 3tent and GSI Outdoor Pinnacle Dualistcooking set (with the MSR PocketRocket) and have enjoyed coming up with delicious and healthy recipes using the fresh local produce available in each country we visit.

Unfortunately, you wont find incredibly styled photos showcasing fancy pots, plates or other trendy kitchen props but you will find some inventive (and more importantly cheap!) recipes that are influenced by the need to be a tightarse, the restriction of having only one small pot and burner and the moral inability to eat a bad meal.

Here we will post our travel friendly recipes and other travel cooking ideas that we have come up with on the road as well as at hostels and friend’s places along the way. We hope it gives other traveller’s some inspiration to abandon that can of tuna and packet of pasta sauce when they are next picking up supplies from international supermarkets.

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