CHIRIMOYA – Exotic Andean Fruit

Wow. This thing is delicious.

I wasn’t expecting much, especially as my patience for fruits with multiple small seeds wears thin at the best of times.

But when I opened it up and saw the creamy white flesh inside, I knew it was going to be a winner. Move over mango – I’ve found my new favourite fruit! If I had a spoon, I would have scooped it up straight out of it’s skin, pretending it was a delicious bowl of vegan ice cream. In fact, there’s nothing stopping you from chucking the whole thing into the freezer and creating just that.

Wikipedia tells me it’s essentially a custard apple, but no custard apple I’ve tried in Australia (current count: 1) has ever tasted anything like this.

Later on, things went from delicious to incredible. We visited Qucharitas in Cuzco for ice cream (rated Number 1 on Trip Advisor for restaurants in Cuzco).

The experience was mesmerising and really fun. They make the ice cream right in front of you, starting with the liquid custard being poured straight onto a frozen pan.

They nurture it from its conception, repeatedly gathering it up and flattening it back down right up until it turns into the creamiest ball of ice cream that you’ve tried in a long time. I was delighted to find fresh chirimoya on the menu so I opted for that to be spatulated (it’s a word, i looked it up) into my custom made dessert as well.

Cue the second ‘wow’. Yep.

Jana xoxo

4 thoughts on “CHIRIMOYA – Exotic Andean Fruit

  1. Looks like a custard apple with fine overlapping leaves covering it. Must be a cousin to the c/apples we get back here. Well you both have a great palate so there must have been a huge difference in the flavour.
    that’s a good looking knife!!

    1. remember I tried that custard apple with you…maybe it was just a bad one and not the right season for them. these ones seemed a lot more delicate and pretty looking – less knobbly 🙂 jana xoxo

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